Children’s Books for Changing Seasons

Fall Leaf in Snow

Leaves are falling, and rain and snow are, too. We are only a few weeks away from saying goodbye to fall and hello to winter. If a child in your life is curious about how fall becomes winter, we have compiled a list of books that celebrate the best of both seasons. Curl up with one of these cozy books and read about the winds of autumn and the snows of winter from the warmth of your home. continue reading >>

Yes Please: Life Advice from Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler

There are books that come into our lives at exactly the right time. Maybe the plot mirrors something we are going through. Maybe an intricate fantasy provides us with some much needed escapism. And maybe a bubbly, hardworking, wise, blonde comedian hits us over the head with laughter and uplifting advice. Yes Please came to me at exactly the right time. It makes me want to shake up my life, and it makes me believe I can. When I listen to Amy, I feel better about myself, more comfortable with all my sharp edges and embarrassing failures. I feel lighter and happier and like everything is going to be OK if I just work hard and slap a grin on my face. Basically every line in the book is a quotable piece of life advice from Amy Poehler. continue reading >>

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The Big Sleep: Pairing Classic Novels & Movies

Bogie and Bacall

My grandparents used to read to each other. They would take turns reading out loud, and together they made their way through countless classics, as well as some potboiler fiction that had no redeeming qualities other than bringing the two of them together at the end of a day. They would sit on the living room sofa or at the kitchen table, drinking cups of coffee or cans of beer, and Grandma Dorothy or Grandpa Charlie would begin reading wherever they had left off the night before, and read until his/her voice gave out, and then they’d switch. Since they otherwise had a fairly disastrous marriage, I love this picture of them being content with each other, and it pleases me that they made their peace in a book. A love of storytelling and reading is the one consistent legacy I’ve been handed from my fractured family. continue reading >>

Horse Girl

Horse and Girl

Working at a bookstore is wonderful, but also deadly. I tend to spend my quiet shifts browsing the books whilst organizing or dusting them. I often place orders for books on odd things that we don’t happen to have in store already. My new claim to fame amongst my coworkers is my order for a book called Beyond Horse Massage. continue reading >>

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Literary Movies: Gone Girl


So I know “book club” doesn’t exactly scream “college,” but my friends and I are giving it a shot (don’t worry, there will be cheap wine and unimpressive cheese involved as well). With the recent release of the film adaptation of Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn’s bestselling novel, this thriller was an obvious choice as the first book to get our club rolling. I was the first one to finish, and I’ve been dying to talk about it. It’s the first book I’ve read in a while that was hard to put down because of its unending suspense. continue reading >>

November Staff Favorites

Pile of Books

We are about to get our first blast of winter weather. It’s time to batten down the hatches, put some logs on the fire, stockpile delicious treats, and gather your nearest and dearest books around you. If you’re in the mood to meet some new literary pals to see you through the rough winter, here is an assortment of books our sellers have been raving about! Whether you’re in the mood for post-apocalyptic, feminist, comedic, or non-fiction books, we have something for everyone: continue reading >>

Swiftian Literature: A 1989 Reading List


I wasn’t going to buy 1989. I don’t like to contribute to the successes of those who are younger than I am. But then a bearded man on Twitter said I should give it a try, and since I do everything bearded men tell me to, I decided to give it a listen. And I’m glad I did because it is quite the literary album. Almost every song reminded me of a book. Here is my Swiftian reading list: continue reading >>

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