Cuffing Season: Dating Guides for Cold Months


It’s cuffing season! Oh, you’re not familiar with cuffing season? It’s that time of year when people couple up for the long, cold winter months (only to break up before Memorial Day in order to be single for the sultry summer months). If you listen closely, you can hear the clock tick-tocking away…you only have a couple of months left to be firmly cuffed to someone for the romantic holiday duo of New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day. Here are guides to dating, improving your relationship, and, yes, being content in your singledom: continue reading >>

Duck Links!

Diverse ducks

13 Little-Known Punctuation Marks We Should Be Using (mental_floss)

South Asian YA: 5 Titles to Read (BookRiot)

All the Lovely Bad Ones: Creepy Children in Scary Books (NYPL)

How To Tell If You Are In An Alexandre Dumas Novel (The Toast)

The Most Important Books Around the World, According to Facebook (Mic)

Bat Boy, Hillary Clinton’s Alien Baby, and a Tabloid’s Glorious Legacy (The Atlantic)

Oh My Goth: A Roundup of Modern Gothic Literature (Quirk Books)

The Literary United States: A Map of the Best Book for Every State (Brooklyn Magazine)

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Perfect Parties

Party Time

It’s that time of year—the holidays are here! Beginning with Halloween and continuing through Valentine’s Day, the autumn and winter months are an excuse to party nonstop! Unfortunately, there are many aspects to consider when throwing a party. From food and drinks to themes and decorations, the choices can be overwhelming. Before you give up and cover your table with newspaper and serve your guests cough syrup cocktails and leftover meatloaf, check out one of these fun party guides: continue reading >>

Literary Ladies


It’s that terribly busy time of year again. With school starting and business at the bookstore picking up due to school starting, it’s hard to find the time or energy to read much for pleasure. I’m also an English major, which means slogging through a lot of dusty texts written by dead white guys. With that in mind, here’s a list of kickass lady authors who you should know about and why they rule. continue reading >>

Duck Links!

Diverse ducks

Former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins has published his first illustrated children’s book (Library of Congress)

10 YA Fantasy/Science Fiction Novels About Latino Characters (Diversity in YA)

The 430 Books in Marilyn Monroe’s Library: How Many Have You Read? (Open Culture) continue reading >>

Silly, Spooky Books for Halloween Ducklings!

Happy African girl holds Halloween pumpkin

Halloween is a wonderful time for kids and adults alike. We give over fully to our imaginations at Halloween because we know that spooky can be fun and spooky can be silly! If you are looking for some spooky, silly, fun books to put in your ducklings’ trick or treat bags, look no further: continue reading >>

October Staff Favorites

Reading a book at the beach

We know it’s bad form to brag, but we just can’t help ourselves! We have to shout it from the rooftops of the blogosphere: we love our booksellers. Just when we think they can’t get any better, they pick out the best books, abscond to their homes with them, devour them, and come back with tantalizing recommendations. Here are the superlative books our superlative booksellers recommend for October: continue reading >>

Duck Links!

Diverse ducks

Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination, a new exhibit at the British Library opens today! (British Library)

If you love the Gothic imaginations of everyone “from Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker to Stanley Kubrick and Alexander McQueen,” check it out:

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Books We’re Looking Forward to in October!

Books and autumn leaves on wooden table close-up

There are 31 days in October, and you can spend all of them reading! Ain’t these long months grand? And why spend those days reading something you’ve already read? Old books are old news. Pick up one of these October new releases: continue reading >>

Beards and Beers


How do airports choose the music they play? There must be some sort of protocol for airport music because the wrong song could send boozy, nervous flyers (like me) into a complete meltdown. If I heard so much as a whisper of “American Pie” or John Denver in an airport, I would refuse to fly. I would call my family and say, “I won’t be flying today or ever. This is my new home. I live here now.”

On Saturday, I flew. I didn’t hear any songs in the airport that prevented me from boarding the plane. And so, I found myself on a short, turbulent flight from Boise to Portland. Across the aisle from me was a man who looked like Hipster Jesus: flowing hair and equally luxurious beard. He was clad in soft flannel and pulled out a moleskine journal. When he cracked open a beer, he became the perfect embodiment of the Northwest. He gave me beatific looks while I, in a vodka-and-Nyquil stupor, made my peace with God, sure our plane was about to plummet to the ground. His mere presence comforted me, everything about him saying “You’re almost home.” continue reading >>