Books We’re Looking Forward to in September!

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Ahhhhh! Feel that? It’s a new month, (almost) a new season, and new books! Refreshing, isn’t it? Check out one of the refreshing new releases September has to offer: continue reading >>

Duck Links!

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Summer may technically continue for another three weeks, but we all know Labor Day weekend is the true end of summer. On Monday, we will drink in our last day of sunlit freedom before turning our minds to boots, sweaters, and pumpkin-flavored everything. As you are savoring the sweet sunshine and dreaming of crinkly leaves and apple cider, take some time to check out this week’s Duck Links: continue reading >>

Translating Translations: An Exercise in Trust


Books tend to come into my life in groups. If I read a book set in the Victorian period, for example, then inevitably another book or two that is set in the same period will show up in my life within a few weeks. Lately, it’s been books translated into English. I don’t in general question the abilities of translators, although it occurs to me now that I should pay more attention to this, since the end result is one person’s interpretation of another person’s work, and the author—who generally doesn’t read or write English themselves, or they wouldn’t need a translator in the first place—has no way of ascertaining how closely the translator sBenny and Shrimptayed to the original. All these years, I’ve been trusting that the people hired to translate a book from another language to my language had somehow done it with the exact words and nuances that the author intended. A lot of the time that has worked out just right. continue reading >>

Quack Quack! Duck Football Season Is Back!

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The best season of the year is here: football season! Well, not just any football season—Duck football season. This Saturday, August 30th, the Ducks are facing off against South Dakota at 7:30 p.m.

It’s been 120 years since the first Duck football game, and the passion and loyalty of Duck fans has only grown. And, we must say, it’s much better to be a fan in 2014 than it was in 1894. Now you can show your fandom any way you want (even with cookbooks)! Combine your love of books with your love of the Ducks, and check out one of these quackworthy reads: continue reading >>

Duck Links!

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OK, OK, OK. So, not all of this week’s links are strictly literary. But they are fun! And don’t we all deserve a little fun? continue reading >>

Literary Movies: The Giver

The Giver

Lois Lowry’s The Giver is set in a futuristic, seemingly utopian society. Conflict is nonexistent because everyone is treated equally, but rules are strictly enforced and privacy is a thing of theGiver Book past. Regulations are readily accepted without question because citizens are medicated to limit their range of emotions. They are protected from pain, sadness, hunger, and fear, but positive feelings such as bliss, pride, and love are stolen from them as well. continue reading >>

Time for School, Little Ducklings!

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It seems as though we were just celebrating the beginning of summer and congratulating the kiddos on their months of sunshine and freedom. Now it’s almost that time again: time for little ducklings to go back to school. And for lucky little kindergarteners, it’s time for the first day of their first year of school. Going off to kindergarten can be an exciting and emotional time for families. Here are books to help kids (and parents) prepare for this rite of passage: continue reading >>

Duck Links!

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Lauren Bacall: “I Wasn’t Put on This Earth to Be Liked” (The Hairpin)

The Many Faces of Robin Williams (The Atlantic)

continue reading >>

The Life of a Writer’s Daughter

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When I was nine years old, I went on book tour with my mom for the first time. I remember sittingMotherhood Made a Man Out of Me excitedly in the front row of the Seattle Public Library as she read from her newest novel, Motherhood Made A Man Out Of Me. While I clutched my stuffed frog doll to my chest, she made the audience laugh talking about the expectations she had had before I was born. I felt proud that all of these people thought my mom was so funny and smart; maybe that meant I might be funny and smart too. As people stood in line to get their books signed by her, I remained in my seat. The line kept growing. I didn’t realize my mom was such a big deal. continue reading >>

August Staff Favorites

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Bookseller Emeritus Andy and Bookseller William have been busy readers this summer! They have scoured, poured through, ogled, and devoured mountains of books from our stacks—and they did it all for you, our dear blog friends! Here are the books Andy and William found worthy of recommending to you this August: continue reading >>