Hike Your Way Into an Oregon Spring

Crater Lake

Have you checked #Oregon on Instagram or Twitter lately? It’s all beautiful blooms, blue skies, and happy Oregonians. The daffodils have poked their heads from the ground, and spring has sprung!

It’s that time of year when we all get spring fever. After months of being cooped up inside, we long to hit the hiking trail. The weather is inviting us out, and we are ready to lace up our boots. Are you an Oregon hiking beginner who doesn’t know where to start? An avid hiker looking for a new trail? Or maybe you’re just looking to take a scenic walk around your favorite Oregon town. Never fear. We have something for everyone in this list of Oregon hiking and camping guides. Hike your way into an Oregon spring! continue reading >>

Duck Links!

Diverse ducks

1book140: Vote for a Science-Fiction Book to Read in April (The Atlantic)

Viva Frida: A Beautiful and Unusual Children’s Book Celebrating Frida Kahlo’s Story and Spirit (Brain Pickings) continue reading >>

The Books Are Out There


Have you heard the news? It spread quickly across the land. When we first heard about it, we soared on the wings of aliens and smoking men and sensible pantsuits. That’s right! X-Files is coming back to us.

X-philes never thought we’d see the day when Scully and Mulder would once again grace our screens, and now we are mere months away from that auspicious day. Are you tempted to go back and watch all the episodes? Have you been haunting Tumblr searching for every tantalizing GIF? (When X-Files went off the air, Tumblr and GIFs didn’t even exist yet.) continue reading >>

Children’s Books for Women’s History Month

Two Young Girls

“Don’t tell girls they can be anything they want when they grow up. Because it would have never occurred to them that they couldn’t.” 

Sarah Silverman said this, and it makes a lot of sense. When girls are young, their only limits are their imaginations, and they can imagine themselves as anything. But as girls grow, they believe in themselves and their infinite possibilities less and less. Studies have shown that a girl’s self-confidence plummets when she reaches the age of twelve. continue reading >>

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How to Tell If You Are In a Terry Pratchett Novel (The Toast)

continue reading >>

Best Novels of the Last 20 Years and Autism Awareness Month


I recently read one of those “best novels of the last 20 years” articles in which a panel of “experts” decides what books qualify as the very best. In this case, the panel was led by the artistic director of the Independent Bath Literature Festival and the occasion was their 20th anniversary—so 20 years of festivals and 20 books. I was somewhat embarrassed to discover that I haven’t read very many titles on the list, even though they were written by some of the best novelists of our time. The ones on the list that I have read were incredibly good, so I’ve decided to trust this panel of experts and read more of what they recommended. Several of the titles have been sitting on my “read this” shelf for some time, including The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon. It seemed as good a place as any to begin. continue reading >>

All Things Green: Children’s Books About Colors

Green Park

Happy (almost) St. Patrick’s Day! Tomorrow is the perfect day to practice a little color knowledge with your little ones. Why not start with all things green in honor of everyone’s favorite March holiday?

Did you know that color knowledge is considered part of early science education for toddlers and preschoolers? And shape recognition is an important early literacy skill that reinforces letter knowledge. O is a circle, capital A is a triangle, and all of the little things you are teaching your child are getting them on the road to being a reader! Everything is connected when it comes to toddler and preschool literacy. Capitalize on the fact that 90% of brain growth occurs before the age of five and work on some good color and shape knowledge with books that are all things green! continue reading >>

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Diverse ducks

The Best Feminist Books for Youngest Readers (BookRiot) continue reading >>

Your House of Cards Reading Guide

U.S. Capitol at Dusk

We are living in a golden age of television. The highest quality shows grace our various screens any time we want. We don’t even have to wait week to week to delve into our favorite fictional shows. We can binge and lose an entire weekend to a series. We then emerge bleary-eyed from our tv dens, not sure of what day or time it is, and the only thing we can ask is, “What show can I binge on next?”

If you’re currently on a House of Cards blowout or if you just devoured all of the episodes, you might be looking for your next marathon. And much as we love television, we are always here for a good ol’ fashioned book marathon! Here are a few books inspired by House of Cards to get you through until your next favorite series: continue reading >>

March Staff Favorites


We read a lot around here. It’s hard not to. We spend our days surrounded by the newest, brightest, shiniest books. Who among you could resist the temptation to crack open a new book, to be the first person to turn its pages, to enjoy taking a trip down a literary path you’ve never journeyed before? We cannot resist, and so we are constantly reading.

Here are the books we could not resist this month. They were exhilarating. They were thought provoking. And yes, one was bodice-ripping. We hope that, like us, you cannot resist temptation! continue reading >>