Last Minute Gifts for Your Favorite Ducklings

Last Minute Gifts for Your Favorite Ducklings

If you still have shopping to do for the children in your life, the Literary Duck has some great last minute ideas for you!

Giant Book of Giants (with poster)

By: Saviour Pirotta

GIANT poster, GIANT stories, GIANT fun!
With an incredible, huge, interactive poster and six adventurous stories, The Giant Book of Giants is larger than life! The pop-up, pull-out poster in this BIG tome measures over four feet tall—and offers plenty of playful extras, including flaps to lift and removable items such as a clock tower pocket watch, pipe organ harmonica and even the giant’s ear wax! The action-packed tales in the book include “Jack and the Beanstalk,” “Sinbad’s Third Voyage,” and “Coyote Tricks the Giant.” Monster fun for any child—tall or small! Ages 4 – up. (Publisher’s Marketing)


Best of Mad Libs

By: Roger Price and Leonard Stern

Over the last 50 years, Price Stern Sloan has published hundreds and hundreds of Mad Libs stories. Come fill out over 125 of the funniest ones in this deluxe oversize edition. This book also includes a history of the game as told by the creator Leonard Stern (complete with pictures) and stories filled out by today’s hottest stars! It’s the super-silly way to say _________ [adjective] 50th Anniversary, Mad Libs! Ages 8 – 12. (Publisher’s Marketing)


The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories

Dr. Seuss

It’s the literary equivalent of buried treasure! Seuss scholar/collector Charles D. Cohen has hunted down seven rarely seen stories by Dr. Seuss. Originally published in magazines between 1950 and 1951, they include “The Bear, the Rabbit, and the Zinniga-Zanniga ” (about a rabbit who is saved from a bear with a single eyelash!); “Gustav the Goldfish” (an early, rhymed version of the Beginner Book A Fish Out of Water); “Tadd and Todd” (a tale passed down via photocopy to generations of twins); “Steak for Supper” (about fantastic creatures who follow a boy home in anticipation of a steak dinner); “The Bippolo Seed” (in which a scheming feline leads an innocent duck to make a bad decision); “The Strange Shirt Spot” (the inspiration for the bathtub-ring scene in The Cat in the Hat Comes Back); and “The Great Henry McBride” (about a boy whose far-flung career fantasies are only bested by those of the real Dr. Seuss himself).
In an introduction to the collection, Cohen explains the significance these seven stories have, not only as lost treasures, but also as transitional stories in Dr. Seuss’s career. With a color palette that has been enhanced beyond the limitations of the original magazines in which they appeared, this is a collection of stories that no Seuss fan (whether scholar or second-grader) will want to miss! Ages 5 – 8. (Publisher’s Marketing)


Lego Star Wars Character Encyclopedia (with Lego Han Solo minifigure)

By: Hannah Dolan

DK is bringing two of the world’s most popular properties together again in a fun, chunky format that kids and adults are sure to love! This illustrated encyclopedia features in-depth profiles showing interesting and never-before-seen elements of all your favorite LEGO(R) “Star Wars(R)” minifigures. With more than 400 captivating images and tons of fascinating facts, the LEGO(R) Star Wars(R) Character Encyclopedia is sure to keep both LEGO lovers and Star Wars fans reading for hours! Ages 7 – up.


Knit One, Purl One: The Complete Knitting Kit (With Yarn, Knitting Needles, Stuffing)

By: Zoe Halstead

The perfect introduction to making knitted toys—from basic techniques to complete projects. With a manual of basic techniques and five knitted toys to make, you’ll be an expert in no time. The knitting box includes everything you need to make a rabbit and his hat and scarf, and the instructions and step-by-steps are clearly presented so that you’ll be sure to succeed. Ages 7 – up.


  • Yarn, knitting needles, and stuffing to make the rabbit
  • Simple accessories for each knitted toy
  • Easy to follow step-by-steps
  • Instructions to make five soft toys!


The Wizard of Oz

By: Frank Baum Illustrated By: Lisbeth Zwerger

The Wizard of Oz is a beloved American classic. This edition, with fine illustrations from acclaimed artist, Lisbeth Zwerger, has been reformatted as a read-aloud edition. Ages 8 – 12.

Lisbeth Zwerger was born in Vienna, where she later studied at the Academy of Art. She is internationally renowned as one of the finest contemporary illustrators of children’s literature.


The Klutz Book of Animation: Make Your Own Stop Motion Movies (with Plasticine)

By: John Cassiday and Nicholas Berger

The Klutz Book of Animation is a complete how-to treatment of stop-motion magic, from practical instruction to ready-to-shoot scripts. The software you’ll need is available as a free download, ready to use on any computer (PC or Mac). All you need to provide is a video camera, a computer and a way to connect the two. Attached to the book is a piece of low-tech, non-toxic clay ready to be molded into a million different heroes starring in your very own fantastic animated films.

Comes With: block of clay and googly eyes

Ages 9 – up. (Publisher’s Marketing)


Amazing Pop-Up Trucks

By: Robert Crowther

In this companion to Amazing Pop-Up Big Machines, Crowther offers formidable pop-ups of a car transporter, a cement mixer, a monster truck, a “rubbish” truck, and truck trains. Each spread contains a description of the featured vehicle and its primary function, while flaps offer photographs along with additional information about how the trucks operate: for example, a grapple truck is pictured loading “oversized rubbish,” and another flap reveals monster truck “Bigfoot 14” breaking a long jump record in 1999 by sailing over an airplane. The brightly colored vehicles, which include working door/window flaps, and real-life details should give truck enthusiasts a gratifying peek into the world of big rigs. Ages 3 – up. (Publisher’s Marketing)



Indestructibles—Old MacDonald Had a Farm

By: Jonas Sickler

Indestructibles are the 100 percent baby proof, chew proof, rip proof, completely washable, and nontoxic series of books. Books built for the way babies read, Indestructibles are printed on an amazing nontoxic, paper like material that holds up to endless chewing, gumming, gnawing, grabbing, bending and pulling. Then, once the books get dirty, parents can throw them in a dishwasher or washing machine to make them clean as new.
The titles are adapted from classic nursery rhymes and illustrated by Jonas Sickler. Sickler’s paintings are whimsical and fun, filled with dazzling textures and eye-popping color. They will grab and keep a baby ‘s attention, and delight adults. This book offers a multicultural twist on a classic nursery rhyme—”Old MacDonald Has a Farm.” Set in Bolivia , it is full of llamas, alpacas, sheep and cows. The text for the nursery rhyme is printed on the back cover. Ages 0 – 3. (Publisher’s Marketing)


Zita the Spacegirl, Book One: Far From Home

By: Ben Hatke

For no reason at all, a little red button crashes to earth while Zita and her pal Joseph are out cavorting around. Of course, no one could resist pushing a mystery button, which pops open an interdimensional portal that whisks Joseph away. Zita follows and lands on a delightfully bizarre alien planet, where she sees Joseph being captured by a tentacled, scuba-headed creature. She makes some allies, takes off after him, and zany mishaps and dashing adventures ensue. Any story in which one can escape prison with a tube of doorpaste (just like toothpaste, except that it makes magic doors appear when smeared on a wall) obviously puts more stock in wowing imaginations than satisfying logic, and it needs solid cartooning chops to back it up. Fortunately, Hatkes got them, and he doles out an increasingly loony and charming array of aliens, robots, and unclassifiable blobs and hairy things for Zita (herself a cross between Ramona Quimby and a Matt Phelan waif) to encounter. Its fun, plenty funny, and more than a little random. Kids will love it. Grades 3 – 6. (Booklist)


Animal Parade

By: Alison Jay

The “Animal Parade” is coming to town! Join sheep, rabbit, tortoise, and the other animals on a magical journey through enchanted landscapes in Animal Parade. Young children will love to look at the beautifully detailed, antiqued-style illustrations such as Rabbit rowing a boat, Frog fishing in the pond, and Panda enjoying his picnic lunch. They’ll also learn to identify animals and the different sounds they make in this unique storytelling format. The charming board book and stackable boxes in five different sizes neatly nest away in a hinged keepsake box that children will love to look at over and over again. Ages 1 – 4. (Publisher’s Marketing)


Klutz Guide to the Galaxy (with Build-it-Yourself Telescope, Sundial and Flashlight)

By: Pat Murphy

With The Klutz Guide to the Galaxy, you can explore the universe without leaving the comfort of your backyard. This galactic tool kit has everything you need: an amazing build-it-yourself telescope, a night-sight flashlight, star and moon maps, a no-batteries-required sundial, a mariner’s quadrant to steer by the stars, tons of cool intergalactic activities, and more. With this guide, you’ll never be lost in space.

Comes With: collapsible telescope, night-sight-saver flashlight, astrolab, sundial, mariner’s quadrant, sundial. Ages 9 – 12. (Publisher’s Marketing)


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